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Forskare förklarar: Temporary Protection Directive

Millions of people have now fled Ukraine. Due to the massive refugee flows the European Union decided to activate the Temporary Protection Directive, to give Ukrainians a possibility to stay in…

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Bachelor’s Programme in International Relations

The demand for professionals with knowledge of global issues is constantly increasing. By studying International Relations at the University of Gothenburg you gain skills to analyse and evaluate…

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Global Studies, Master´s Programme

The master's programme in Global Studies explores globalization from different thematic, theoretical and disciplinary perspectives. Using an inter- and multidisciplinary approach, it gives you a…

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Latinamerikas feministiska rörelser

Den svåra balansen mellan mångfald (klass, etnicitetet, sexuell läggning…) och behov av enade fronter Den latinamerikanska kvinnorörelsen presenteras med…

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The Challenges of "Return" - Experiences of African Return Migrants

Lecture from Global Week 2015. Maria Eriksson Baaz, Researcher of Global Studies.

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We like Social Sciences –Just like you do. Get to know our Faculty of Social Sciences

Meet people from our Faculty of Social Sciences and learn what they care about in the world and why they are here. The University of Gothenburg offers a number of Master's Programmes in…

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