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Logistics and Transport Management, Master's programme

The master’s programme in Logistics and Transport Management challenges your critical thinking and analytical skills. As a student of the programme, you will analyse real-world and theoretical…

Från  Göteborgs universitet, Medieteknik 13 uppspelningar

Master's Programme in Mathematical Sciences - Mathematics for the future

The master's programme in Mathematical Sciences offers a large selection of courses across the whole spectrum of applied and pure mathematics. As a student of the programme, you will have the…

Från  Göteborgs universitet, Medieteknik 5 uppspelningar

Master's Programme in Earth Sciences

Uzochukwu from Nigeria tells you about Master’s programme in Earth Sciences. Against the background of global change, modern society has an increasing need of citizen competence in Earth…

Från  Göteborgs universitet, Medieteknik 63 uppspelningar

Showreel Medieteknik 2017

Medietekniks showreel 2017. För mer information om våra tjänster, se http://gu.se/medieteknik.

Från  Göteborgs universitet, Medieteknik 114 uppspelningar