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The Governance of the Arctic Marine Environment

As ice recedes, the Arctic natural environment, its inhabitants' livelihood, and its political arrangement will change forever. In this video, Gabriela Argüello discusses her work on Arctic…

Från  Christine Forssell den 22 december, 2020 47 uppspelningar

A Dialogue about Person-centred Care between Brendan McCormack and Inger Ekman

Person-centred care has over the past few years gained in interest worldwide. Patients, health care professionals, politicians, health care organisations, the public and industry are interested in…

Från  Medieteknik Göteborgs universitet den 19 november, 2018 1,182 uppspelningar

Secure Web Applications

Securing web applications is essential for a society that critically relies on the internet. Information-flow control identifies sources and destinations of information content and tracks its…

Från  Medieteknik Göteborgs universitet den 20 mars, 2018 18 uppspelningar